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Handmade Swimwear


Custom Style & Fit




Free Shipping*


Perfect Fit

Do you struggle to find swimsuits that fit you just right? I know the feeling. I started DH Swim to help women achieve the right-fit for their style, size, and body type-every time.

My DH Swimsuit flatters me and gives me more confidence than any other piece I own!


How It Works

Pick your style and fabrics for both sides (it's reversible). Our size guide walks you through getting just the right body measurements. Your one-of-a-kind DH Swimsuit ships free.*

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One of a Kind-Like You

Every DH Swim piece is hand-crafted by Danielle in St. Augustine, FL.

"I aim to bring excitement back to swimwear by creating a suit that embraces the extraordinary woman you are." -DH

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15% off Your First Order

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"I love this bikini so much! It flatters me and makes me confident unlike any other piece I own. I'm so grateful for it so thank you!"


"I love everything so much and you'll be seeing more purchases from me again! Everything fits perfect!"

Handmade swimwear with YOU in mind.

DH Swim knows how amazing YOU are and how important it is to be able to express your true unique self. The handmade swimwear is completely customizable to get the right fit and style with your exact needs and wants in mind. What makes DH Swim different is that there are constant fabric options that change throughout the year to adapt to the season and the customer so every swimsuit can be as unique as the person creating it. You are also working directly with the seamstress so any recommendations or concerns can be addressed to accommodate all your needs. DH Swim appreciates how extraordinary you are and aims to provide swimwear that embraces who YOU really are.

It's as simple as:

-Select your fabric for one side

-Select your fabric for side 2

-Pick your strap color

*Free shipping on orders over $150

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